Friday Daydreamin': National Public Lands Day

Happy Friday friends! Time for Friday Daydreamin’! My favorite day of the week as I get to armchair vacation through all of your lovely photos!!
Next Saturday (September 29, 2012) is National Public Lands Day and all the National Parks will have Free Admission on that day.  My bet is that it will be a fantastic day to get outdoors!!
So I did a little searching and looked up all the National Parks that are near me here in Texas.  I was saddened to see that in this GREAT state, we have a mere 13 National Parks.  And don’t get me wrong, they are fantastic parks, but only 13???  
The nice thing is that the majority of the National Parks here in Texas have free admission, so many do get visited regularly.
So in honor of National Public Lands Day, I will do some real daydreamin’ today.  Wishing I was looking at this view in person and wishing I was at this National Park for National Public Lands Day – Grand Tetons National Park.
What is your favorite National Park??  Tell me in your comments!
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    I love parks! We visit Hunting Island State Park here in SC all the time. It is amazingly beautiful. I really need to look into other parks in the area.

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    No chance I’ll be getting to a US National Park this week. But I do live just 20 minutes away from Malaysia’s smallest national park. It has Monkey Beach, Turtle Beach, a lighthouse, and a meromictic lake (salt water layer on bottom and fresh water layer on top don’t mix). Perhaps I’ll head there instead. Lovely shot of the Grand Tetons! I’ve never been there.

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    I LOVE national park fee free days. The September dates are always right around our wedding anniversary. It’s become a little tradition to go up to Mount Rainier every year for the day with the kids. I am sad to say we will miss it this year. We leave 2 days after the fee free day for Europe. I will be pulling my hair out as is. Not sure I could swing a day trip right then.

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    Gorgeous shot, Becca. National Parks anywhere in the world are always amazing. I’m not sure if Korea has a National Parks Day or not. I must find out.