Friday Daydreamin’: Last Week of LOVE!

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It’s the last week of February….and the LAST week to show us all a place you LOVE!!  Show us a site that you can’t wait to go back to.  Show us something you love to do on vacation.  Show us your favorite activity- come on…it’s your last chance!
I’ve shown you my favorite place that I LOVED seeing in person, I’ve shown you a city I would LOVE to go back to, and I have shown you a favorite dish that I LOVE to eat…..
One last thing to show you that I love….
Exploring with these guys!
I have always loved to travel, but I think it became even more fun, once I could experience it with my kiddos, see things through their eyes.  These guys are my sidekicks, up for almost anything.
well, almost.  This picture is pretty typical.
My almost-11 year old drama queen on the right, my 9 year old who absolutely hates me taking his picture, and my mischievous 2-year old who is along for the ride and doesn’t complain (most of the time).
I drag take them to museums, parks, cool eateries, factory tours, and in this case hunting for cool murals in Austin (I hear a post coming soon….).  We have fun wherever we end up and the best part?  I am making incredible memories with the kids I love the most!
What or Where do you LOVE?  Link up for one last week of fun and we get back to our normal Friday Daydreamin’ next week!
Hungry for more travel photo adventures?  Please visit Travel Photo Thursday from Budget Travelers Sandbox and Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday.
On another note, can I ask a HUGE favor?  I am in a photography contest to win a photo session with this amazing local photographer.  I am neck-in-neck with a bathtub picture and need more votes to put me over the top.  It takes less than a nanosecond to click this link and vote for the picture of the 2 kids hugging with the school bus.  THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!

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  1. says

    Love it! I swear I went through every stage your kids have gone through when getting pics taken. I was the drama queen, I was the sulking kid in photos (actually I would just turn my back on then when I was 5. The photo albums from back then are hilarious.) There is nothing better than traveling with your kids. Aren’t we lucky to be able to take them along for the ride :-)

  2. says

    Voted :) Looks like you;re ahead right now! Good luck with the contest. By the way, love your take on loving to travel with loved ones. A lot of times it’s the people anyways, not the places; the people you meet, the people you travel with, …

  3. says

    Love the mural and I love austin too. My favorite city in Texas. Hmm I have so many places I want to go back to. I’m going through withdrawal lately from some of the old business trip locations I used to visit, hoping to get some more travel somewhere soon!

  4. says

    Laughing at your Drama Queen. I have two of those along with me at most times…really makes the whole picture taking thing more interesting. Yours looks like more of a fun loving DQ though. Mine are much more the “Woe is me!” types.