Friday Daydreamin’: Fall Fun

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Happy Friday friends! Time for Friday Daydreamin’! My favorite day of the week as I get to armchair vacation through all of your lovely photos!!
Last weekend we celebrated the return of Fall.  Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Mother Nature, as it is HOT here in Texas.  So this week, I am dreaming about Fall and all the fun the cooler temperatures bring us.
This picture, my friends, is NOT from Texas.  It is from Illinois.  One fun FALL vacation a few years ago.  My kiddos were fascinated with all the falling leaves the trees around my in-laws houses had.  They got outside and raked them up into big piles with their Pa-Pa and then he let them play.  And it was just like the picture books – running & jumping and throwing leaves in the air. The perfect picture of Fall leaves fun.
What is your favorite thing to do in the Fall?  Tell me in your comments!
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  1. says

    It’s freezing here in Ohio. I’ve already added blankets to our bedding and we’ve been lounging on the couch in the evening wrapped in throw covers! It looks like our days of open windows are over.

    I love to go camping in the fall- sitting around a blazing campfire, roasting marshmallows with my family is the ultimate family bonding experience. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll be able to fit in one of those trips this year. We should be able to do a fair bit of hiking though. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one. :)

    Happy Fall!

  2. says

    What a cute pic – the beautiful leaves are my favourite part of fall! I don’t like to see summer ending but at least it’s not winter yet. It’s definitely not hot here – I have turned the furnace on because I’ve been shivering!

  3. says

    I love the leaves and the general slowing down, cooling down of everything. And as a bonus, my birthday comes smack in the middle of fall. Most times, if the temperature dips, it gets warm and sunny again just in time for my birthday. Hope you have a beautiful fall, Becca!

  4. says

    I have been looking forward to fall for a while now though we’ve had just perfect weather here in Seattle lately (sunny & 70s) so no complaining allowed from me! Love the pure joy in your daughter’s face as she sits in that huge pile of leaves!

  5. says

    We’re warm here in Calgary too but no complaints. I’m loving the warm weather hiking in the Rockies with the larches in all their yellow glory. A very cute photo!

  6. says

    After years of raking, we’ve finally moved to a house with no (significant) leaves that fall. I don’t miss it one bit, but it did always make for cute pictures.
    Hope your fall stays warm.